Sankofa village community gardens goal is to eradicate food apart tie that exists within the black community. To rekindle the intergenerational atmosphere that has long been a touchstone of our community.

To engage and provide the community with the opportunity to benefit from food self-sufficiency to provide place-based Urban agriculture education to enable the community access to food production and to provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment.


Sankofa Village Projects

2018 will be the beginning of an amazing year for Sankofa Village Projects, Pittsburgh deserves a place in URBAN Agriculture…..LOOK for great things from our Sankofa Village Community GARDEN & all the activities the garden & the renovation of the George Washington Carver ” peanut butter” farmhouse.. at the new EIC bulding at 1435 Bedford Ave on the PGH Green Innovators level (1st floor) will begin posting our hours in November.